11.Core Values Awards 2021 Tips and Tricks

March 26, 2021

Is it Your Time to Shine? Tips for the Core Values Awards 2021

Are you preparing an entry for the IAP2 Australasia Core Values Awards this year? You won’t want to miss this webinar presented by last year’s judges Anne Pattillo, Clare Murrell and Leisa Prowse, along with winner Alicia Pickering from Melbourne Water. Plus Emanuela Savini from the IAP2A Research Working Group will step you through the Case Study Template which forms the new entry template for those entering Project of the Year.

Aimed at members preparing submissions for the Core Values Award, topics will include:
• Overview of the submission and judging process
• The new Case Study Template
• Common pitfalls to avoid
• What makes a winning entry stand out
• What sort of evidence to include
• Tips and tricks from our past winners

IAP2 Australasia members can find the resources discussed in this and other webinars here: https://iap2.org.au/resources/iap2-australasia-webinars/

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