10. Keep on Engaging: Unstuck with Suzy Jacobs

November 16, 2020

Guest presenter Suzy Jacobs joined us for a special edition personal and professional development webinar for IAP2 members and friends in November 2020.

As well as being a professional speaker, Suzy is an in-demand coach, and in this webinar she shared her strategies on how to move from feeling stuck and disillusioned to empowered and unstoppable.

Suzy takes us through:
-Identifying the intellectual, emotional & physical barriers to creating harmony with self, others and the planet.
-Exploring the paradox of choice and unpacking the assumptions that keep people unhappy, unfulfilled and under-performing.
-Understanding the mechanics of constructing a world view and how to reconstruct it to produce better outcomes.
-Choosing a universally applicable, self-first process for creating responsible, accountable communication.

About Suzy Jacobs
A charismatic entrepreneur and coach with energy and heart, Suzy Jacobs connects with the world as an MC, Keynote Speaker and an inspiring member of our global community.

Suzy Jacobs is the driving force behind Activator Academy, a successful entrepreneur, an experienced business mentor and coach. She has spent more than 20 years working across business and franchise ventures, including leading start-ups and producing global events such as She Business, Athena and Fearless.

Suzy specialises in working with business leaders, helping them move from being stuck and disillusioned, to empowered and unstoppable.

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